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The mission of the Office of Instructional Resources (OIR) is to further the academic, research, and administrative goals of the University of Central Florida and its faculty through the design, application, and support of multimedia resources and services. 

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OIR Technology Fee 2014-2015 Requirements

To ensure efficiency in the 2014-2015 technology fee proposal preparation process refer to the 2014-2015 UCF Technology Fee (TF) website and UCF Technology Fee Guidelines after the guidelines are published.

To best enable project managers to meet the TF proposal deadline, deadlines have been established for project requests and walk-throughs for multimedia projects involving OIR.

June 30 (Monday):  Last day to submit a TF project request to OIR.

August 15 (Friday):  Last day on which OIR will perform TF project walk-throughs.

September 12 (Friday):  Last day on which OIR will provide proposals to the requesting departments.

September 22 (Monday) @ 5pm:  Last day to submit proposals to the Technology Fee Committee.

For projects involving the Office of Instructional Resources(OIR), the requirements are documented below.

Posters and tables in and around Classroom Building 1

Posters and notices of UCF-related activities, services and events are permitted on the first floor of Classroom Building 1 (CL1) on the brick walls outside of rooms 104 and 121. You may also post notices on the corkboards outside of classrooms on other floors so long as you provide your own tacks. Nothing is to be hung on the building’s painted walls or any of its doors or windows. Fliers or notices posted anywhere other than the allowed areas may be removed and destroyed with no notice to the poster. Any damage done to the facility by the posting of a flyer or poster (adhesives stripping paint from the walls, holes left from tacks or other devices, etc.) will be repaired with the costs charged to the offending organization.

Skype in classrooms

Skype and other audio / video chat programs continue to grow in popularity. However these types of programs, and specifically Skype, pose specific security, privacy, and support challenges in the classrooms at UCF. This is complicated by the fact that there are also a lot of changes taking place among these software vendors right now. For instance, Microsoft has bought Skype and it's future as a stand-alone application is in doubt.

Faculty Multimedia Workshop Presentations Archive

Selecting and Integrating Third-Party Videos into Webcourses@UCF


Adobe Connect at UCF


Or get your questions answered in the Connect Pro FAQ 

ALERT: All UCF Adobe Connect licenses renew in September of every year.


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